About Dumb

“I didn’t move until I finished it. It really reads like a thriller. It’s so tense and the pace and information are controlled beautifully. Just amazing.”

— Olivia Laing

“The unfolding story of her son’s diagnoses and their impact on her and her family makes for a gripping read.”

— Hannah Vincent

“A highly developed self-awareness that serves the story and themes well. Beautifully judged and moving.”

— Clare Best

About Carole’s writing

“An incredibly fine writer. That Bowie piece about her child is world-class. It is a truly complete expression. Extraordinary fine work.”

— Tanya Shadrick

“Tough & delicate, together. Tangible sense of time and place. Moving symmetries. Mesmerising story-telling. I feel strongly that this book about silences needs to exist. It will speak to so many.”

— Tanya Shadrick

“It is such a telling story, full of detail and insights into her life; it’s deceptively simple and yet tells us so much. This is going to be such a wonderful, moving and insightful book, not just her insight into her process of finding her own voice, but also allowing her son to find his own voice. Extremely powerful material.”

— Sara Clifford